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Numberminds ethos is to help its clients. We offer a wide range of solutions for our clients from helping organisations developing their staff, management understanding what their data is telling them and moving their organisation into an evidence based strategy.

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Some of our Services......

Business Consultancy

We appreciate that small businesses focus mainly on getting business in the door and then managing that customer. However, what about your IT? Do you back up your files? Are you protected against viruses? Do you save money with using VOIP

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the game changer product. Constantly updated, subscription based with no contract, expandable and contractable. We offer a 30 day trial so you can see the immediate benefits of Microsoft Exchange email integration

Data Insight & Strategy

Our contractors have years of experience in dealing with data. We love looking into trends, we love looking for the low hanging fruit that will pay quick dividends. Be it sales, web, incentive schemes or performance analsis. We love presenting results and delivering results.

Web Site Design, Email and Hosting

Even small businesses need a web presence these days and professional email. Having a hotmail account for business purposes just doesn't do the brands any favours. We not only can provide you with professional domain consultancy, we can also build the websites and configuring your desktop and mobiles for synchronous communication. Come speak to us. Designing a website may cost a lot less than you think.

Microsoft Excel & Access

Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet and when you learn about its true potential you may just surprise yourself. Speak to Numberminds and we can review your reports. We could look at automation, integrating analysis and reporting into Microsoft Access? Build models like the one we built for the Construction Industry Scheme. We have saved companies hundreds of man hours and thousands of pounds.

Web Analytics

Do you own a website? Do you know what people do on it? Do you know which pages are giving traction and which are losing you business? Web Analytics is the process of tracking customers' journeys. This aids you to change pages, add content, add and change conversion goals, optimise marketing and social media. If you have a website then this is something you NEED to do (and we do it well)